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Turn Me On

0 198
It is a weird adventure of a button. Click on it to guide it to its place. Get help…

Robot Coloring

0 138
The best toys for boys, it’s robots! On the topic of robots created a huge number of characters with…

Warp Tag

0 180
Teleport your way past rockets and spikes to get the box to the goal. Controls: Arrows/WASD – Move Mouse…

Robo Zone

0 132
Click on two or more robots of the same type to remove them. Admin


0 150
Iromeku is a puzzle game involving colored square tiles. The objective is to match the game panel tiles with…

Linclonn Robot Adventure

0 116
This is an interesting platform jumping adventure game. Player must help the robot escape the traps and monsters, find…

Robot Clix

0 132
Have fun with this puzzle game in which you have to eliminate the robots that are together and are…

Candy Corn

0 108
Your a robot from the future on a mission to find candy corn and bring it back to your…


0 123
STAN is lonely! The world’s last Sentient Technological Artificial Neohuman (STAN) is tired of being the only robot around,…

Abe Clone Wars

0 157
The droid start attacking the remaining human resistance with they clone assault robot. It is controled via main server…
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