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Heavenly Baby Care

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It is your chance to take care about cute angel-kids who need your help with babysitting. Your task is…

Pampered Puppies

0 52
These puppies need all the attention and affection that you could give them, you know! Spend one day, or…

Santa’s Little Helpers

0 46
It’s madness in Santa’s toy factory these days you know! All his little helpers are working so hard to…

Michelle’s Baby Rush

0 29
It is a new babysitting game where your task is to help Michelle to take care about little kids…

Fanny’s Pet Shelter

0 40
Welcome to the Fanny’s Pet Shelter! You are going to take care of cute animals who are brought by…

Dress Up Shop Spring…

0 29
Your job is to maintain the customers turning to up to your shop by providing them appropriate requirement. You…

NYC Mafiosi

0 28
New York City, 1929: welcome to the height of the American Prohibition. The Five Families have cornered the illegal…

Bella’s Cake

0 26
It’s amazing day and Bella has opened her own cake decorating shop. When the customers come she has to…

Flourish Spa

0 25
Welcome to the world of health and wellness! Your task is to help this pretty girl to run a…

Sisi’s Messy Room

0 25
Sisi might be such an adorable, playful, cheerful kitty, but she sure isn’t a very… organized kitty! What do…
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