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West Train

0 142
New adventures of fun train on a Wild West. Help to collect all aims (bag with gold) and become…

Slime Defender

0 117
Defend yourself from the terrifying slimes! Proudly sponsored by Admin

Space Warcraft

0 94
Fight your way in space to gold and glory. Admin

Emperor of Chine Gold…

0 73
Have you dreamed of visiting ancient China? This game gives you such an opportunity! You are the young emperor…

Mayan Gold

0 92
After a long perilous journey you reach the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. Standing before a great wall…

The Pimpsons

0 90
The Pimpsons are in big money problems and have decided to steal gold from Mr. Purns. Will you succeed…

Greedy Ninja

0 82
A Ninja stuck in an historical channel where fire ball keeps on falling. Let’s help Ninja to collect all…

West Train 2

0 83
West train 2 – continue of the popular game about a fun train on the Wild West. Help to…

Yuan Bao Catcher

0 91
Catch the yuan bao that fallen from sky. avoid the rocks. Admin


0 88
The player should move the theft in any of the directions to collect gold bags by using the keyboard…
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