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Cambodia Mystery The hidden…

0 27
You are looking the last mystical gem. Use your puzzle skills to solve the mysteries and find the hidden…

Descent of the Tomb

0 12
After years of research, the entrance to an ancient tomb has been discovered. Beyond its doors are rumored to…

Epic Jungle Escape

0 14
Epic Jungle Escape is a twisted block collapse game with interesting puzzles. In each level you will find a…

Fire Home Escape

0 10
Your house is on fire, you need a fire escape plan to survive in this tragedy. Find the objects…

Abandoned Cruise Mystery

0 29
The ship was abandoned a long time ago, you play as a ghost who was trapped inside. Try find…

Red Alert Zombie Apocalypse

0 21
Zombies have taken over the city and you are the last survivor in the town. Complete challenge puzzles, find…

Asylum Murder House

0 55
The starting of this game is to escape from the asylum murder house. You are trapped alone, solve the…

Laser Escape

0 52
Laser Escape is another point and click escape game developed by House Crow Games. In this game, you are…

Emily’s Thrilling Adventure

0 26
A little girl Emily must save the world from aliens invasion. Use you point-and-click skills to help her! Admin

Devil’s Escape

0 36
Climb your way out of hell. Avoid the obstacles, collect souls from other demons and use your powers to…
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