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Elf Girl Puzzle

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Charming Girl Elf decorates a Christmas tree. Collect an animated image of this jigsaw puzzle game. Merry Christmas! Admin


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Click on at least 3 adjacent Santas of the same colour. Click on at least 6 adjacent Santas to…

X-mas Snowfight

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Mutiny at Santa’s workshop! Jolly elves ran out of the village and started a huge snowball fight! Join them,…

Touch Sweet Elf

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Sweet elf loves play and is always running around. Now it has appeared in the forest. Do you want…

Winter Elf Makeover

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You might have heard before about Elves and Fairys in stories, cartoons or even movies. Well in this fun…

Touch Sweet Elf 2

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Touch Sweet Elf have a second version with more fun levels. Sweet elf loves play and is always running…

Elf Story – Sitelocks…

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Elf Story is a point-n-click adventure that’s heavy in art/animation. A very simple game to get into, and one…

Elven Woods

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Discover a secret hidden behind the trees and flowers. Try to find all hidden objects and spot the differences.…