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Candy Collapse Challenge

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Candy Collapse Challenge is a block removing board game. Collapse the block by clicking the group of horizontally or…

Blocky Blocky Xmas

0 172
A wonderful block popping game for this winter. Click on groups of similar blocks to collect them. Admin


0 188
Squarex – Fun flash making square puzzle game. In this fun game You need to Make a square with…

Segment Smash

0 168
Use your mirror cursor to make matches on both sides simultaneously. Making an error on either side will reduce…

The Pirate’s Booty 3

0 144
In The Pirate’s Booty 3 use the help of two buddies in order to reach the treasure, good luck…

12 Towers

0 157
12 Towers is a fast paced matching game with a funny challenge, You have to demolish the blocks of…

Wonder Soup

0 119
The kids on the orphanage are hungry and you know a special recipe.. Wonder Soup! Fun little game inspired…

The Pirate’s Booty

0 130
Play Pirate’s Booty and help the pirate find his treasure, this is the best most fun filled pirate game…

Egyptian Treasure

0 128
Match all coloured blocks to defeat the mummy that protect the Pharaoh treasure! 21 Levels of increasing difficulty! Admin


0 147
Blocketris – Play classic tetris game with construction blocks. Have fun! rn Now you can play Blocketris on android…
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