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Bears Jigsaw

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Piece together three great pictures of Bears in these pictures Admin

Crazy Bear Cannon

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Bear finds a cannon! Use it to destroy hunters and the base of hunters! Admin

Animal Word Search

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Find the words tiger, lion, money, bear, house, dear, elephant, fox, zebra and wolf in this game. Admin

Forest Defense

0 22
Forest Defense is a shooting game where a monkey defends the forest against the attacks of bears. The monkey…

Me, Wake Up! Mini:…

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Another more Mini series of Me, Wake Up! series.As usual in the morning, a bear is late to wake…

Me, Wake Up!: Spring

0 26
The spring has come. However, a bear is still sleeping for too long. Help the bear wakes himself from…

Me, Wake Up! Mini:…

0 20
Mini version of Me, Wake Up! series.As usual in the morning, a bear is late to wake up. Help…

Bear Fly Fly Fly

0 23
Little Bear wants to fly like a bird. He thinks a good solution by using the tree to bounce…

Angry Bear

0 23
Bear’s foods and cave for winter are occupied by hunters. Take up the gun to kill hunters and retake…

Bear Bros

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Bear Bros need to collect different fruits for dinner! Please help them and find the way out! Remember that…
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